Board & observers

The elected BSH Board for the period November 2017–November 2019 are:


Dr Paul Kalra

Consultant Cardiologist, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust


Past Chair

Professor Iain Squire

Senior Lecturer/Consultant, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester



Dr Simon Williams

Consultant Cardiologist, Wythenshawe Hospital, South Manchester



Professor Roy Gardner

Consultant Cardiologist, Scottish National Advanced Heart Failure Service, Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Clydebank



Dr Peter Cowburn

Consultant Cardiologist, Southampton General Hospital



Mrs Louise Clayton

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust


Mrs Jayne Masters

Nursing Lead for Integrated Heart Failure Service, University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust



Dr Stephen Pettit

Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge



Observers are elected to represent disciplines in heart failure that are not represented on the Board. The elected BSH Observers for the period November 2017–November 2019 are:

Dr Lisa Anderson

Heart Failure Lead, St George's Hospital, London and Honorary Reader in Cardiovascular Medicine


Mrs Carys Barton

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust

Dr John Baxter

Lead clinician for heart failure in older persons, Sunderland Royal Hospital


Dr Jane Cannon

Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow

Mr Paul Forsyth

Lead Pharmacist - Clinical Cardiology (Primary Care)/Heart Failure Specialist, West Glasgow ACH, Glasgow


>Mr Paul Forsyth

Dr Rosie Heath

Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG, Plymouth

Dr Carol Whelan

Royal Free Hospital, London

Dr Carol Whelan

Royal Free Hospital, London

Past Board

The elected BSH Board for the period June 2015–November 2017 were:

  • Professor Iain Squire, Leicester Royal Infirmary –Chair
  • Professor Andrew Clark, University of Hull, Kingston upon Hull - Past Chair
  • Dr Paul Kalra, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust – Chair-Elect
  • Dr Simon Williams, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester – Deputy Chair
  • Dr Roy Gardner, Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow - Treasurer
  • Dr Lisa Anderson, St George’s Hospital, London - Councillor
  • Dr Peter Cowburn, Southampton General Hospital - Councillor
  • Dr Ceri Davies, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London - Councillor

The Observers for the period June 2015–November 2017 were:

  • Dr Chris Arden, Park Surgery, Southampton
  • Dr John Baxter, Sunderland Royal Hospital
  • Dr Parminder Chaggar, Wythenshawe Hospital, South Manchester
  • Mr Paul Forsyth, West Glasgow ACH
  • Mrs Jayne Masters, University Hospitals Southampton
  • Professor John McMurray, BHF Cardiovascular Research Centre, Glasgow
  • Dr Jenny Welstand, Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board, Wrexham


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