Scotland Parliamentary Event

Date: 6 May 2014, 18:00-20:00
Venue: Fairfax Somerville Room, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh
Host: Jim Eadie MSP
Speakers: Professor Andrew Clark (BSH Chair), Mr Harry Prentice (patient), Dr Sue Payne (Public Health, Scottish Government), Mr Charles Forbes (patient), Dr Mark Petrie (Consultant Cardiologist)

The event was attended by MSPs, policy makers, patients, patient organisations, healthcare professionals, the Scottish Heart Failure Hub and industry representatives.

Politicians were able to mingle with clinicians and patients during the two-hour event, hearing what is important to them and gaining a better understanding of the issues for heart failure patients and for those treating them.

The BSH Board members explained and demonstrated equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure, and politicians were even able to try their hand at carrying out an echocardiogram (on a volunteer research fellow) which was very popular with the politicians. They were also asked to sign a pledge supporting the need for raising heart failure standards.

Short but highly persuasive talks were given during the event by clinicians in the heart failure area and by patients who shared their experience and stories of living with heart failure, providing a particularly powerful message for the politicians present.

Follow up activities
A press release was sent to all attending MSPs for distribution to their local press.

Questions asked at Scottish Parliament