Objective of Scotland Parliamentary Event


The key objective was to mark European Heart Failure Awareness Day and to raise awareness of heart failure among Scottish politicians and others responsible for public policy.

The main focus being as follows.

  • Prevalence & Cost – Heart failure is more common than many would believe. It affects nearly 3 in every 100 women and 4 in every 100 men. It accounts for 5% of all emergency hospital admissions and 2% of all NHS hospital bed days.
  • Quality of Life – Heart failure causes greater reduction in quality of life than any other chronic medical condition. Inadequately treated heart failure has a similar survival rate to many forms of cancer.
  • Treatment – With appropriate treatment, survival rates and quality of life for patients dramatically improve. Patients need to be on the right pathway and have access to the most appropriate therapies and treatments.
  • Political Engagement – Scottish health services have engaged successfully with heart failure practitioners and patients, but more needs to be done. The BSH is working with Scottish clinicians who are driving improvement in heart failure care through the Scottish Heart Failure Hub (a subgroup of the National Advisory Committee for Heart Disease).