UK Heart Failure Parliamentary Reception

Date: 10 June 2014, 13:00-14:30
Venue: Churchill Room, House of Commons, London
Host: Neil Carmichael MP
Speakers: Professor Andrew Clark (BSH Chair), Mr Richard Mindham (patient), Mr Harry Prentice (patient), Dr Dawn Harper (GP and TV doctor)
Attendees: patients, patient organisations, professional organisations, MPs, Peers and policy makers

Questions asked at UK Parliament

Objectives and key messages

Heart failure facts

Are the heart failure patients in your constituency given the best chance of survival?

A patient with heart failure: how it can be done. The Hull model


In a pressurised and cost constrained health service, did you know that heart failure is currently one of the most common reasons for emergency admissions and accounts for more than 1 million bed days per year in the UK?

This event provided MPs, Peers and policy makers with an opportunity to find out more about heart failure and the importance of creating a world class and consistent heart failure service across the UK, with efficient and optimised diagnosis, treatment and care.

As part of the event we demonstrated some innovative diagnostic and treatment tools and we provided attendees with national and local data to highlight how their own Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is currently performing in a number of key indicators relevant to the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure.

Servier Laboratories provided non-financial support for this event in the form of consultancy services and logistical support.