Objectives/key messages of UK Parliamentary Reception


  • Raise awareness to MPs, Peers and policy influencers of the social and financial burden of heart failure in order to prioritise heart failure as a condition and maximise investment into heart failure services.
  • Highlight to MPs how their own heart failure services have been performing versus other areas of the country and give them the relevant data to take back to their local NHS to discuss how the heart failure service can be improved.
  • Highlight to MPs, Peers and policy influencers (and through the media) the importance of all areas of the country having a specialist heart failure team that all heart failure patients can be quickly referred to, which would improve patient care and save the NHS money.

Key messages

  • Heart failure, the inability of the heart to pump effectively, is associated with disabling symptoms and a worse prognosis than many cancers.
  • Advances in medication, interventions and management by specialist heart failure teams, however, means that: a) patients can be rapidly diagnosed and optimally treated b) survival rates can be significantly improved c) symptoms can be controlled and patients can enjoy a good quality of life d) the burden on hospital beds and emergency admissions can be reduced.
  • Despite this, access to specialist heart failure teams is inconsistent across the UK leading to variations in emergency hospital admissions, a patient’s chance of survival and a patient’s quality of life.
  • All heart failure patients should have access to a specialist heart failure services as recommended by NICE.