10 May 2013


Winner: Zhareen Flordeliza-Smith, City and Hackney CCG, London

Runners up:
Zoe Maskens, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
Marcia Singleton, Harefield Hospital, London

Prizes for winner/runners up:

  • one free registration to the BSH Annual Autumn Meeting 2013
  • an opportunity to display a poster, outlining their activities, at the BSH Annual Autumn Meeting 2013
  • a travel grant for the BSH Annual Autumn Meeting 2013 for up to £100 (subject to submission of expense claim form after the meeting)
  • a copy of the Oxford Textbook for Heart Failure


Details of activities organised are provided directly by the following organisations to which the BSH has had no input.

Bristol Community Health

Planning to set up some promotional areas in key major supermarkets on 10 May.


The British Society for Heart Failure has undertaken the following action to promote the day.

  • Sent a letter to all acute trust Chief Executives highlighting the importance of improving heart failure care.
  • Mailed all members of the Society (over 850) providing information about the day.
  • E-mailed Friends (pharmaceutical and device companies) of the Society providing information about the day.
  • Provided details of activities held in previous years on our website as a source of suggestions and ideas.
  • Created high resolution posters (both small and large versions) especially for the UK with our logo and placed these on the same website that HFA is using for their own poster.
  • Provided posters for the event via our website.
  • Placed information prominently on the home page of our website.
  • Circulated information to other people linked to the Society (private).
  • Supported Society members and pharmaceutical/device companies with their plans for the day.
  • Included information about the day in the delegate packs for the delegates attending our Annual Autumn Meeting on 29-30 November 2012, our Heart Failure Day for Training and Revalidation on 7 February 2013 and our Heart Failure Nurse Study Day on 8 February 2013.
  • Included details about the day on the BSH exhibition stand at the British Cardiovascular Society Annual Conference 28-30 May 2012.
  • Provided European Heart Failure Awareness Day posters in the delegate packs for the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) Exercise Professionals Group (EPG) Study Day on 10 May 2013.
  • Encouraged participation in the National Heart Failure Audit via mailings to members and articles in the national press (http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/national-heart-failure-audit-10000-1525200).
  • BSH Board/Observers presented at both national and international meetings.
  • Advertised details of the event in all journal articles produced from our Annual Autumn Meeting, Heart Failure Day for Training and Revalidation and Heart Failure Nurse Study Day.
  • Provided free access to the Oxford Textbook of Heart Failure for all BSH members.
  • Published articles in the popular press (The Times, Daily Mail).
  • Worked closely with NICE on acute heart failure guidance.
  • Provided ongoing input into the NICE clinical guidelines for chronic heart failure.
  • Provided feedback on consultations with the National Health Service (NHS) and NICE.
  • Worked closely with the Cardiovascular Outcomes Group.

City and Hackney

We took the opportunity to celebrate Heart Failure Awareness Day to highlight and drive the position of heart failure related projects that build on the domains of improving quality as encouraged by NHS Improvement Quality (NHS IQ). In the line up to this day, the heart failure (HF) team with the help and support of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) cardiac lead, organised heart failure related sessions on AF, HF rehabilitation programme BNP and the new local HF diagnostic pathway.

Heart Failure Awareness Day

Having recognised the challenges that face all local health services the aim of this event was to communicate, enhance and develop partnerships with our key local strategic organisations (particularly the CCG) and ensure that heart failure service programmes such as mentioned above remain their health care priorities.

Heart Failure Awareness Day

The team organised HF awareness stalls at our local DGH Education Centre and entertained questions from the curious public. The event was then followed with brief presentations by the HF team and CCG Cardiac lead on the following: 

  • The campaign for the continuation of the community HF rehabilitation programme which was successfully piloted (incorporated in an existing pulmonary rehab service) and how to make this sustainable in the long term.
  • With Cardiovascular Disease Outcome Strategy suggesting an integrated care of AF and HF, one of our colleagues provided an overview of the challenges this entails.
  • Reinforcing the change in HF diagnostic practice and the use of BNP. This may be old news to other HF services, but the HF service only recently introduced and created a local diagnostic pathway (newly suspected HF). The presentation demonstrated how working collaboratively with clinicians and service users (specifically with our local consortia) can provide the most cost effective use of the aforementioned pathway.
Advertising and Publicity

Our Local GP Pathfinder Consortium and our local DGH’s Education Centre Department (Homerton University Hospital) helped cascade the information by sending our flyers and event programmes via e-mail to the GPs across City and Hackney. The event was also advertised on the local council website.  Additionally our local involvement network (Healthwatch Hackney) generated e-mails to the Healthwatch Hackney board members.  As a result the event was attended by one of the Homerton Hospital Governors and representation from the Patient Participation Group. This is particularly important to the team since they represent the views of the public. We were praised and recognised for organising the event and for the HF team’s continuous campaigns to ensure the availability of HF services that improve patient’s quality and equity of care.

Heart Failure Awareness Day

Dorset Cardiac Centre

Published articles in the local press (Hampshire Chronicle, Southern Echo) and held local meeting.

Glenfield Hospital

Held local meeting which was well attended.

Harefield Hospital

Harefield Hospital celebrated European Heart Failure Awareness Day with an information stand in the main entrance of the hospital for staff, visitors and patients.

Harefield Hospital celebrated European Heart failure Awareness Day with an information stand

Information was provided on heart failure symptoms and treatment options together with information on devices such as LVADs and implantable devices.

Cardiac rehabilitation was promoted as was the Cardiomyopathy Association and visitors to the stand were also able to find information about the National Heart Failure Audit.

Marcia Singleton, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Heart Failure, along with her colleagues, was there on the day to offer advice in person. Marcia said: “There was a lot of interest in our stand and we were able to provide information and advice on many different aspects of heart failure – it was a really successful day.”

John Radcliffe Hospital

John Radcliffe awareness dayIn the lead up to Friday 10th May we organised several activities to highlight Heart Failure Awareness Day, these included:

  • 2 stands at the John Radcliffe (JR) Hospital and 1 stand at the Horton General Hospital 
  • an article for the local Trust newsletter
  • an article to be published in the next 'insight' magazine
  • we advertised our stands on the BHF twitter and facebook account
  • we provided details for the press release on the ESC website
  • we provided details on our local intranet http://www.ouh.nhs.uk/news/article.aspx?id=118.

Please find more information about these activities below.

At the JR (level 3, next to the restaurant) and at the Horton we had information stands which provided information booklets and made a colourful display.  We also had a stand manned by the heart failure team on level 2, JR. We made each stand look very bright and welcoming and we had lots of bright balloons and boiled sweets available for the public.  The Heart Failure Specialist Nurses, Community Heart Failure Specialist Nurses and a Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse all took it in turns to offer blood pressure checks throughout the day from 10am-3pm. There was a lot of interest for the information on the stand, and plenty of members of the public, and even some staff members, were persuaded to get their blood pressure checked. Everyone who had their blood pressure checked was given a record of their reading and told whether it was normal, borderline raised, or high, with verbal and written advice about further monitoring as appropriate. We invited the echocardiogram department to join us on the stand and they brought along an echocardiogram machine to show the public what the heart looks like on an ultrasound, which was demonstrated by a looped recording of a normal heart.  This proved to be very popular and got a lot of public attention which led to discussions about heart failure.

Our media and communications department took photos of the stand which will be used to produce an article about heart failure awareness in our local Trust newsletter due to be published in June.    

Dr Dwight our Consultant Cardiologist has produced an article on heart failure which we hope to publish in the next 'insight' magazine which is distributed to all Oxfordshire GP surgeries, giving advice on heart failure services within the community and hospital.

Our link at BHF advertised our stand on the BHF twitter and facebook account. 

We helped with the input for the press release on the ESC website.

We produced information posters on heart failure and blood pressure awareness for the public to read.  Along side these we also produced a variety of hand out sheets.

We had many positive comments from the public and lots of them took away the printed information leaflets.

Whittington Health

Whittington Hospital

Whittington Hospital 2


  • Using European Heart Failure Awareness Day posters as screen savers.
  • Conducting heart failure quiz for junior doctors.
  • Holding four workshops for the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).
  • Sending letter to local GPs regarding National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) clinical guideline for chronic heart failure.