8 May 2015


Details of activities organised are provided directly by the following organisations to which the BSH has had no input.

University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire

Following significant developments within our heart failure team and our service delivery over the last 5 months in Coventry, we are very excited to use the heart failure awareness day as a platform for us to showcase our service, highlight the positive work we are currently delivering and what future potential developments will complement our existing service delivery for heart failure patients in Coventry.

On the day we will be holding two information stands. One in the main entrance to the hospital to raise public awareness of the condition and a second will be in our clinical sciences building where we can capture staff working within the trust to raise awareness of heart failure, provide an opportunity for our team to be more recognisable within the trust and highlight how staff across the trust may contribute towards the management of heart failure patients within Coventry. 

University Hospitals of Leicester

Holding annual regional education event w/c 4 May 2015. Holding patient focus group meeting and running a raising public awareness campaign on 8 May 2015.

Worthing Hospital Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation

The heart failure team are holding a heart failure awareness stand as detailed below.

On Friday 8th May 2015  European Heart Failure Awareness Day, the Heart Failure Specialist Nurses at Worthing Hospital: Lorna East, Jo Williams & Warren Garrett will be raising awareness of heart failure to patients visitors and staff.

They will be in the Penguin Foyer from 11 am - 3 pm promoting the day and raising heart failure and cardiomyopathy awareness to highlight the importance of an early and accurate diagnosis plus the need for optimal treatment.

Heart failure is a serious condition where the heart becomes less efficient at pumping blood around the body. Almost 1 million people in the UK have this condition and it is estimated around 4500 patients are affected in the Worthing area. We have 300-400 patients discharged with a diagnosis of heart failure each year.  If recognised in time and adequately treated, people can have a good quality of life.

We will be offering blood pressure and pulse checks with information and advice on adopting healthier lifestyle choices.

The stand will also showcase some exciting initiatives to staff such as the heart failure bundle, to enhance quality expert care/review and optimal treatment.