Heart failure forums

The BSH would very much like to help encourage participation in heart failure forums throughout the UK. To this end, please find below contact details for heart failure forums/professional groups/educational groups throughout the UK.

If you would be happy to share any valuable contact details that you have please contact us at info@bsh.org.uk.

Heart Failure Nurse Survey

The British Society for Heart Failure invites all heart failure nurses to take part in a survey, the aims of which are to:

  • Establish where nurses, who routinely look after and treat heart failure patients, are currently working.
  • Identify those parts of the UK whose patients do not have access to heart failure nurses.
  • Identify what education and support is available to heart failure nurses locally.
  • Identify whether there is a need for further development in terms of education and support for heart failure nurses in the UK.
  • Establish whether heart failure nurses would welcome the development of a forum hosted on the BSH website.
  • Understand what heart failure nurses would like to see included on the website and within the forum.

Completion deadline: Friday 21 July 2017

Please pass the survey link onto other nurses who are working with heart failure patients. We are keen for the survey to be circulated as widely as possible within the UK to gain an insight as comprehensive as possible into the current situation.

Scottish Heart Failure Nurse Forum

SHFNF currently invites both full members (working >50% clinical time with heart failure management) and affiliated members (those with an interest in heart failure care). Each area within Scotland is represented, ensuring robust representation and we also benefit from third sector collaboration in our work planning. Our committee (current chair Jill Nicholls: jill.nicholls@nhs.net) organises educational meetings, networking and encourages shared learning and experiences. Details of events can be found on our website.

The SHFNF has a responsibility to showcase national service provision and has published two reports titled 'Review of Specialist Heart Failure Nurse Services'. The SHFNF also holds membership of the Heart Disease & Stroke Cross Party Group (at the Scottish Parliament) and the Scottish Government’s National Advisory Committee for Heart Disease (NACHD).