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The British Society for Heart Failure was founded in 1998 by a group of leading cardiac healthcare professionals who recognised a gap in knowledge and understanding of heart failure across the health service. Professor Philip Poole-Wilson, the founding chairman of the BSH was interested in heart failure, coronary heart disease and the global prevention of heart disease and stroke. Heart failure was his major research focus and his work covered both basic science (laboratory studies) and clinical research. He was an enthusiastic supporter of high-quality fundamental research and a strong advocate of translational research so that what was learnt in the laboratory could be implemented more quickly and efficiently in medical practice.  From these beginnings, interest and investment in research into heart failure has grown substantially and contributed to significant strides forward in understanding, treatment and management.


The BSH’s aims are: To increase knowledge and promote research about the diagnosis, causes, management and consequences of heart failure amongst healthcare professionals, with the intention of delaying or preventing the onset of heart failure and improving care for patients with heart failure. To provide expert advice to healthcare professionals, patient or government organisations, including the National Health Service, when appropriate and as requested.


BSH is a registered Charity (number 1075720) and registered Company (number 3767312) 

BSH set up a wholly owned subsidiary BSH Services Limited (Company Number 12582222) on 1 June 2020 to facilitate scientific and educational meetings and initiatives and engage in any commercial activities that may arise. Profits earned by BSH Services Limited will be donated to the Society.

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