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'Freedom From Failure - The F Word'

Our campaign, 'Freedom from Heart Failure - The F Word', has been developed to inform and educate whilst inspiring a sense of hope, encouraging each of us to learn more about this important condition, to recognise symptoms such as Fighting for breath, Fatigue and Fluid build-up in ourselves and our loved ones and to seek timely medical help.

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Join our free online event in partnership with the King’s Fund on 3 February to consider how heart failure is a growing population health concern and explore the solutions to help overcome the challenges of this condition. Register here and share with your commissioners

The British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) and the BSH are hosting a webinar from 18.00-19.15 on Wednesday 16th February 2022

Heart Failure Rehabilitation – Fit for the Future?


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Take the fear out of heart failure with actor/explorer Brian Blessed.

How a planned journey is vital to optimise outcomes. 

DOWNLOAD this essential resource for the newly diagnosed patient.


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